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ExecuDeck: Your Personal Leadership Intensive

Is there a way to uncover the roots of leaders' limitiations as well as tap more deeply into their intrinsic gifts?

Yes, and leaders who are willing to invest into their personal growth discover it all the time.

Maturing leaders move beyond being mere experts in what they do. Or valued high achievers at their organization. They grow toward more integrated, personal, and impactful ways of experiencing themselves and their ever more complex context.

ExecuDeck: Your Personal Leadership Intensive is a tested and personalized coaching program taking you on a direct path to a more integrated, resilient, and impactful leadership artistry.

This is how it works:

Choose 33 of 99 ExecuDeck tools that are most relevant to you. Then, together we will identify your growing edge in each area and tap into your own intrinsic strengths. Sample ExecuDeck tools:

This leadership coaching package includes:

  • ​10 hours of power coaching in whatever configuration works for you:

Example 1: 30-minute sessions before your work hours, every Monday and Wednesday, or

Example 2: 90-minutes weekly sessions

I can help you decide on your own format and pace

  • Recordings of each call to embed and reinforce your learning

  • Email or text message support for those quick in-the-moment yet critically important boosts

  • Three advanced tools for executives (available as a bonus until May 1, 2016):

The Alchemy of Context (Navigating Changing Conditions)

The Alchemy of Relatiohnsip (Ten Savvy Tips for Transformation)

The Alchemy of Happiness: (A Few Small Shifts that Really Matter)

This coaching program is short and focused on your immediate context and greatest needs. It will help you:

  • Lead with presence and poise

  • Transform your negativity into curiosity

  • Enhance your self-awareness and mindfulness

  • Stimulate your best and complex thinking

  • Elevate your natural ability to inspire others

The personal package is $1450.00 (USD) and the corporate package is $2,350.00 (USD) (Prices valid thru May 1, 2016).

ExecuDeck: Your Personal Leadership Intensive

Want to lead with wisdom that goes beyond an MBA program?

By when?

  • Samir is uniquely qualified ...

    "Samir is uniquely qualified to help organizations convert bystanders into cheerleaders and turn passengers into pilots."

    Rod Colburn Managing Director, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Samir is asking the right questions.

    "Samir Selmanovic is asking the right questions at the right time."

    Karen Armstrong, Winner of TED Prize 2008
  • Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey.

    “Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey. He 'guides from the side' — creating a powerful pull on our deepest desires to create meaningful change. He has changed the way I think about leadership and how I think about myself.”

    Michael W. Morrison, PhD Founder of University of TOYOTA
  • Samir is a multiplier.

    “Over the course of a year, Samir helped our hospital leadership team rest in ways deeper than physical rest, contextualizing his work with us in a way that resonates, is impactful, and “sticks.” Samir is a broad thinker who will listen to you, challenge you, support you, research with you, and encourage you to accomplish your goals—along with stretching you along the way. Samir is a multiplier. I would highly recommend Samir Selmanovic to senior leadership teams for change management, cultural contextualization and fresh approaches to problem definition and solution.”

  • Samir has been able to bring out a hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now.

    "I consider it an immense privilege that I was fortunate enough to meet Samir three years ago. Not only have I been the recipient of learning from Samir's experience and knowledge gained over multiple decades, but he has also been able to bring out a hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now. Every coaching conversation I have had with Samir ends with me feeling full of hope, clear direction and energy to accomplish what I know I was meant to do."

    Kathryn Himes Chief of Staff, HR Business & Employee Solutions, INTEL CORPORATION
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