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Because coaching is as old and as powerful as human connection.

In ancient times, coaches were tribal elders, colorful shamans, caring pastors, smart uncles, and effervescent grandmothers who served as catalysts of change. They did not rule, but they built the rulers. They served as the custodians of personal and communal wisdom, helping individuals and groups survive as well as thrive.

Today, information is practically infinite, rising like a tide over our lives. We have moved from the age of information to the age of transformation, and the extent of change people—particularly leaders—are required to undergo during their career is now far greater than what they can master on their own.

The question is "How much pain are you willing to endure and for how long, in order to achieve the change that you desire?" Learning to grow and change with grace and ease often requires a small but wise move through an opening, and that move alters everything.

Coaching is an indispensable tool that successful leaders use to create an extraordinary business or organization while learning to inhabit a life they can truly call their own.

It is one of the most important investments that you as a leader will ever make in your life.

I would encourage you to explore your coaching options with the network of people you know. Coaching works when three factors are present:

1. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

2. You are willing to learn, grow, and take action.

3. You find the right coach for you.

The right coach provides you with more than tools, structures, accountability and support for change. To help you truly grow, the coach offers you provocation, inspiration, and empowerment—a fearless and nourishing presence for your unique journey.

As for me, I am looking for PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE ME.

“Samir is a storyteller and he does have stories to tell.”

Peter Steinfels New York Times


Because I know your world from the inside. Deep inside.

I have never been a CEO. Actually I have never been employed in the corporate world.

So who am I to offer myself as your guide for the journey?

Through working for almost 20 years with corporate high achievers in the safety of their offices, homes, dive bars, and city parks, I have been inhabiting the real corporate world, the one that is often invisible to the naked eye.

During my 10 years as a pastor and then 10 years as a consultant and a coach, I have been the midwife, coroner, and gardener of corporate and business careers. I laughed and cried with managers and CEOs about their secret dreams being born, falling apart, and then about new and better dreams being reborn and coming to fruition.

Unencumbered by the concern for appearances and risk aversion of their corporate contexts, the people I served as trusted advisor were able to acknowledge their wounds, discover their limiting beliefs and true joys, and align their lives with the deepest desires they craved for their coworkers, friends, and family.

This is why I am an executive life coach. I help you say “yes” to life! All of it, including what you are avoiding, denying, or wishing would disappear.

Once you say yes to life, even greaters success follows.

My clients and I take a courageous journey to discover, nourish, and express their deeply held values as they pursue new experiences and strategies for making a lasting contribution. I believe spirituality is the real work of a leader today, whether in a corporation, non-profit, government agency, or community, and it changes everything. Over time, my clients turn into prophets and poets of their organizations, people capable of growing themselves and inspiring others.

HERE is what kind of clients instigate my best work.

“Samir’s personal and professional life has been richly formed by diversity. Now he offers us the fruits of his experience. We need more Samirs on the planet—people of conviction and humility.”

Parker J. Palmer Author of "Let Your Life Speak" and "A Hidden Wholeness"

The best way to explore our fit is through a conversation.

  • Samir is uniquely qualified ...

    "Samir is uniquely qualified to help organizations convert bystanders into cheerleaders and turn passengers into pilots."

    Rod Colburn Managing Director, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Samir is asking the right questions.

    "Samir Selmanovic is asking the right questions at the right time."

    Karen Armstrong, Winner of TED Prize 2008
  • Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey.

    “Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey. He 'guides from the side' — creating a powerful pull on our deepest desires to create meaningful change. He has changed the way I think about leadership and how I think about myself.”

    Michael W. Morrison, PhD Founder of University of TOYOTA
  • Samir is a multiplier.

    “Over the course of a year, Samir helped our hospital leadership team rest in ways deeper than physical rest, contextualizing his work with us in a way that resonates, is impactful, and “sticks.” Samir is a broad thinker who will listen to you, challenge you, support you, research with you, and encourage you to accomplish your goals—along with stretching you along the way. Samir is a multiplier. I would highly recommend Samir Selmanovic to senior leadership teams for change management, cultural contextualization and fresh approaches to problem definition and solution.”

  • Samir has been able to bring out a hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now.

    "I consider it an immense privilege that I was fortunate enough to meet Samir three years ago. Not only have I been the recipient of learning from Samir's experience and knowledge gained over multiple decades, but he has also been able to bring out a hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now. Every coaching conversation I have had with Samir ends with me feeling full of hope, clear direction and energy to accomplish what I know I was meant to do."

    Kathryn Himes Chief of Staff, HR Business & Employee Solutions, INTEL CORPORATION