Cook with confidence and freedom. Develop your life skills. Dish out joy to those you love.  



A community of aspiring home chefs


Launching September 2020!

Waiting can be hard. Until we launch, check out the next best thing (for FREE) and make progress now: 9 Essential Life Skills Best Learned In Your Kitchen (slides)

A good read makes waiting easier!

Get the inside scoop.

Are you a curios cook or an aspiring home chef? We are too!

We are creating a fun and effective way to pursue our personal, relational, and professional growth.

Can you help us design it? We'd love your input.

I will keep you posted with the what, when, and how of this adventure. Not to mention a special pre-launch discount!

Samir Selmanović Ph.D. PCC

Wayfinding Leadership Coach & Transformational Cooking Teacher

Kitchen  /ˈkiCH(ə)n/  Old English for "fitted for cooking" | the first human place of transformation 

Dojo  /ˈdōˌjō/  Japanese for "the place of the way" | a site where we practice being a better and whole person

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