with Samir Selmanović, Ph.D. PCC





discovery session for emerging, pivoting, and legacy-creating leaders

Change is inevitable.
Transformation is optional.

What do you need to confront to gain access to what you are seeking?

You have come a long way.

Even when you did not know what you were doing, you kept going. At times, you wished you could disappear but you kept making a difference in the world.

You have, surely, experienced the exhilaration of being brilliant at something and have a track record of doing what others could not imagine possible.

Yet, while people around you are astounded by the things you have created, on the inside and invisible to most, you are anxious. You are sensing that your workplace, your family, or your own life is asking for something new from you.

You are in transition. Something has ended, is about to end, or needs to be ended by you. It is time to take your professional performance, an important relationship, or your personal life to another level.

You can't just work harder, however. The truth is, the more you strain, the more deeply you wade into the complexity of it all. 

The world is, of course, becoming insane!

You are not alone. Leaders like you and I are facing complexity that is unique to our times.

"You don't have what it takes." That is what we hear when we are stuck in change that changes nothing. Instead of stepping into the future, we are merely repeating the past. 

"You are made to, you love to, and you are good at taking one step beyond yourself."  That is what we hear when we are willing to respond to complexity with any, however small, real step towards the conversation that life wants us to have.  

My experience has been that when we admit we don't know and commit to learning, life responds generously.

Has that been your experience?

There is a threshold in front of you, the next one, the one that will not go away. The only authentic way forward is to come to the edge of the unknown, feel the ground under your feet, breathe, and allow yourself to make a step into your becoming.

We all need conversations that help us access part of ourselves that has already been transforming and awaiting our attention. 

What is the real conversation that you need to have?

Let's find out.

For 20 years I have been sharing in the experience of fear, joy, muck, and glory of women and men who make things happen in the world--executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, parents, and lovers.

Underneath it all, they are just people in need of the fresh air of their truth, the experience of trusting themselves more deeply, and most valuable of all--the ability to ask for specific help at specific points of their journey.

The consequential conversation is a two-way conversation between two people, both in full presence, both giving and receiving, attuned to the wisdom larger than their own. 

I am offering this session because I believe that, as Gloria Steinem puts it, "every transformation needs a witness." Nothing happens alone. 

I want this conversation to help you gain…

  • Awareness about where you are and what is really going on 
  • Experience of "What if?"
  • Clarity about your next experiment
  • A vista of new coherence and new confidence

How does it work?

There are three parts to a discovery session like this:

  • One-Session Experience. We will meet for 50 minutes in person, over Zoom, or via phone, and walk into it together. We will pursue what is true and most helpful to you. More importantly, you will take with you a memory of the experience that you can recall any time you need.
  • One-Page of Enough. Within 48 hours, I will email you my follow up reflections and suggestions for practice. This will be a tangible and visible reminder that your inner life and the life around you is enough. I suggest you notice what resonates and post it where it can be a helpful witness for you.
  • Opportunity for Ongoing Support. These options range from an affordable online community to focused individual coaching to transformative retreats. I promise that you won’t be left hanging. If you need it, we will find a plan that allows you to grow in the ways that work for you and at a price that you can afford.

What is the cost? 

I charge $150 to $250 for individual leadership development sessions. You story, however, is a reward for me. This is an introductory experience and I have a fitting price of $99. You can pay it with Visa/MC/Amex via Paypal.

Every coaching conversation I have had with Samir ends with hope, clear direction and energy to accomplish what I know I was meant to do.

~ Kathryn Hymes, Human Resources Director, Network Platforms Group at INTEL CORPORATION

Samir has changed the way I think about leadership and how I think about myself.

~ Michael W. Morrison, Founder, UNIVERSITY OF TOYOTA

I received what might have been the best coaching session of my life, a gentle and profound experience of opening followed by numerous pivots towards growing confidence and focus.​

~ Patricia Morrison, Creative Professional and Business Owner, INNER FIRE OUTER LIGHT

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