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You already know that something is about to change. Something has ended, is about to end, or perhaps you need to end it. 

Uncertainty and disorientation are becoming familiar. 

That's the right place! You are stepping into an unknown that, while scary, comes with new energy, new truth, and new joy. 

Whether your transition is about your career, love, business, parenting, health, or politics, what matters is the next step. 

That’s how a fully human life works. We begin, again, from where we are. Sometimes, that's all that it takes.

Whether we end up working together or not, this 90-minute Discovery Session (investment: $245) will give you a fresh experience of the safety, calling, wholeness, and purpose that you need.


This DISCOVERY SESSION is a small hinge that opens a large door.

In this 90-minute session you will...

Find a deep, internal, solid ground.

First, what is? Then, what if? 

Revive the most important conversation you have with life.

Befriend the scary and exciting unknown. Focus your attention.

Experience a new sense of confidence and energy.

What matters? And what works?

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt--marvelous error!--
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.
~ Antonio Machado ~

"I received what might have been the best coaching session of my life, a gentle and profound experience of opening followed by numerous pivots towards growing confidence and focus.​"

Patricia Morrison
Creative Professional and Business Owner, INNER FIRE OUTER LIGHT

"Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey. He 'guides from the side' — creating a powerful pull on our deepest desires to create meaningful change. He has changed the way I think about leadership and how I think about myself."

Michael W. Morrison, PhD

"I consider it an immense privilege that I was fortunate enough to meet Samir three years ago. Not only have I been the recipient of learning from Samir's experience and knowledge gained over multiple decades, but he has also been able to bring out a hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now. Every coaching conversation I have had with Samir ends with me feeling full of hope, clear direction and energy to accomplish what I know I was meant to do."

Kathryn Himes
Human Resources Director, Network Platforms Group at INTEL CORPORATION

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