How to Use Your Kitchen to Create, Meditate, and Celebrate Life 

Hosted by Samir Selmanović Ph.D. PCC, Chef, Leadership & Life Transitions Coach, Author

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What your kitchen can do for you? Oh, so much!


No matter how much confidence or competence you have. Or don't have!

Discover transformational cooking and turn your kitchen into a temple, a dojo, an art studio, a science lab, or a school of life. 

How does your cooking affect you?

How does it affect those you love or lead? 

What do you want to learn?

At the end of this free live webcast you will have a better sense about: to get unstuck, free, confident, and creative in your ordinary kitchen and in your ordinary life cooking and hosting makes you a better leader, parent, friend, and lover you can change the way you perceive your kitchen and the world


Uncover the secret of the kitchen hiding in plain sight and you will learn to trust yourself. Learn to trust yourself and you will know how to live. 


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